Chapter 1: Introduction

Dan from Ohbot team explains the aims of the project and speaks about the considerations involved when deciding where to launch the Ohbot from (the weather forecast, objects like trees, the climbing frames and masts and getting clearance from Air Traffic Control).

Lessons inspired by the video

In these two lessons we will explore 'space' history to find out some facts about key historical figures by looking at the first people to land on the moon, collating information into a simple presentation, seeing who has been part of previous space launches and using Augmented Reality to research Neil Armstrong.

Thanks to Belinda Evans from the Strictly Education 3BM team for creating these resources in partnership with Wormholt Park Primary.

In this lesson your students will use the topic of Ohbot/Picoh as stimulus to plan, draft and publish a non-chronological information text based on the Ohbot/Picoh Robot. Within the information report, children should include an introductory paragraph, organise information into subsequent paragraphs, include subheadings, facts and key information and include relevant pictures relating to the robot.

Thanks to the literacy team at Cheam Common Junior Academy for creating these resources.