In 2019, LGfL launched an Ohbot into (near) space in collaboration with the Ohbot team and an LGfL primary school. The event was documented via video and inflight data using a range of sensors.

In the summer of 2021, 80 Picoh Robots were donated to a small number of LGfL primary schools to explore the how this content could be used as an AI/physical computing agent for educators to explore.

Case studies

The schools experiences, guidance, observations and learning materials have been captured, documented within each individual case study below.

Curriculum resources

The pilot schools have shared their materials and experiences for the benefit of the whole LGfL community and in doing so have created cross curricular learning resources for maths, geography, history, science and literacy to inspire educators to use physical computing in a meaningful way.

More about The Picoh Robot

Picoh is a miniature robot from Ohbot Ltd. it can be programmed using blocks (with the Ohbot app, Scratch or Python) to speak, move, lip sync and respond with their face and voice using the purpose-built Windows App modelled on Scratch.

Children and students who are familiar with text-based programming languages can also program Picoh using their open source Python library.

When used with a Windows PC and the Ohbot App, the robot has Artificial Intelligence tools including face and movement detection, wake word and speech recognition that enable children to build real world social interaction systems such as personal assistants and chatbots.

The Ohbot Robot

The Ohbot Robot head was used in the Near Space Launch. The Ohbot has been created by Mat Walker, a roboticist who created the Inkha robot receptionist at King’s College, London and Dan Warner, a primary teacher and ICT specialist who advises schools and local authorities on educational technology for learning.

Ohbot is already being used by over five thousand schools and individuals in the UK and around the world. It was a finalist in the awards for ICT Innovator of the Year at the BETT show in London in 2016 and won a British Educational Suppliers Association ERA Award in 2018.

Ohbot is manufactured in the UK at Halliday's Mill in Gloucestershire. Further information about the unit and its capabilities can be found here

Program it using blocks with the Ohbot app, Scratch or Python.

Dan Warner - one of the creators of the Ohbot Robot head explains what the Ohbot is, how it works and what it can do.

LGfL Pricing for Picoh

Ohbot Ltd. is able to offer the following discounts to LGfL schools for purchasing Picoh. Schools can order direct from the Ohbot webshop using a dedicated LGfL voucher code. Prices are ex VAT and delivery.