Watch the complete adventure

Watch the full experience from start to finish. The adventure begins at 3:20am in North London at St Mary's Islington CE Primary School. Where and when will the adventure end and will it go to plan?

Chapter 1 - Is It Safe To Launch?

Dan from Ohbot Ltd explains the considerations involved when deciding where to launch the Ohbot from; the weather forecast, objects like trees, the climbing frames and masts and getting clearance from Air Traffic Control.

Chapter 2 - Pre-flight Preparations

Permission to launch has been granted before 5am. Last minute preparations involve connecting a piece of cord to the bottom of the parachute and the payload box.

Pupils from St Mary's arrive and are excited to be part of the launch.

Chapter 3 - Preparing the Balloon for Launch

Dan and the pupils at St Mary's don their goggles in preparation for the launch. They send a test balloon up first, to watch the direction of travel and adjust the launch site accordingly. Then they prep the helium and start inflating the balloon ready for launch.

Chapter 4 - The Flight

The Ohbot receives a countdown and then it is launched. It ponders on thoughts and emotions as it gradually rises higher and higher above St Mary's, North London.

Chapter 5 - Post Launch Review

An hour and 15 minutes after launch, Dan explains how he has tracked the Ohbot and sets about trying to locate it.

Chapter 6 - The Chase Begins

We see Dan driving along the M11 in the direction of Cambridge. The data from the spot tracker shows the Ohbot has travelled much further to the east than anticipated and is currently travelling towards the coast. The flight path is very different to the one predicted!

Chapter 7 - Getting Close

The hunt continues but the data suggests the payload has come down. The location is shown on the payload tracker. Using coordinates it appears the Ohbot has landed in the middle of a field, near Redhouse Farm.

Chapter 8 - Possible Landing

The tracker shows a number of location marks somewhere to the west of Southwold

Chapter 9 - The Search Begins

The farmer who owns the field gives permission for Dan to look for the Ohbot. He begins looking for evidence of the balloon and/or payload.

The crop in the field is very dense and quite tall making it hard to find the exact spot the Ohbot has landed in; Dan can see a speck of orange. Is it the Ohbot?

Chapter 10 - The Discovery

Some white string is spotted - will this be the location of the landing spot?

Tension mounts as Dan gets closer to the parachute - will the payload box still be attached? Will the Ohbot be in one piece?

Chapter 11 - Retrieval

The Ohbot is still moving and speaking after nearly 5 hours, however the camera has stopped. Apart from a spot of mud on one of its eyeballs the Ohbot is relatively unscathed despite a tricky retrieval. Ohbot is powered down but what will the data analysis uncover about its journey to near space?