Chapter 2: Prelaunch

Permission to launch has been granted before 5am. Last minute preparations involve connecting a piece of cord to the bottom of the parachute and the payload box. Pupils from St Mary's arrive and are excited to be part of the launch. Dan and the pupils at St Mary's don their goggles in preparation for the launch. They send a test balloon up first, to watch the direction of travel and adjust the launch site accordingly. Then they prep the helium and start inflating the balloon ready for launch.

Lessons inspired by the video

In this set of five lessons we will explore the prelaunch and explore questions such as 'What might the Ohbot be programmed to do?"

In these lessons students will explore various computing concepts and use variety of tools to create a program and be able to analyse and edit the program.

Thanks to the teachers at Cheam Common Junior Academy for creating these resources.

In this lesson your students will use the topic of launching an Ohbot/Picoh into near space as stimulus to plan and write a diary recount based on the launch of the Picoh Robot. The diary recount can be based on an imaginary first hand experience of either watching the robot ascend into space or from the perspective of the Picoh robot developing emotions as it recounts its new experiences.

Thanks to the literacy team at Cheam Common Junior Academy for creating these resources.