Chapter 4: Post Launch

An hour and 15 minutes after launch, Dan explains how he has tracked the Ohbot and sets about trying to locate it. We see Dan driving along the M11 in the direction of Cambridge. The data from the spot tracker shows the Ohbot has travelled much further to the east than anticipated and is currently travelling towards the coast. The flight path is very different to the one predicted!

Lessons inspired by the video

In these three lessons students we will explore the concept of aerial viewpoints and use the Busy Things digital templates ‘countries, capitals and seas’ resources to be able to name the distinct parts of the UK. We will also understand what the term ‘human geography’ is and ask students to be able to consider the human impact on their local area.

Thanks to Belinda Evans from the Strictly Education 3BM team for creating these resources in partnership with Wormholt Park Primary.