Chapter 6: The Search

Some white string is spotted - will this be the location of the landing spot? Tension mounts as Dan gets closer to the parachute - will the payload box still be attached? Will the Ohbot still be in one piece?

Lessons inspired by the video

In this lesson we use some of the data retrieved from the Ohbot sensors to develop the mathematical skills of interpreting graphs of real-life events by asking questions that require your students to explore and investigate various data models.

Thanks to Oli Trussel for creating these resources.

In Literacy lesson 4 your students are to plan, draft and publish a short narrative story for a young audience. The story should be based around a character, which children are to create and their ‘Ohbot’ going off on an adventure, watching as the ‘Ohbot’ transforms from being a robot to sentient automaton (able to perceive or feel). The short narrative story can be published into a picture book for younger children to enjoy.

In Literacy lesson 5 your student will attempt to design and create a fictional robot and create an explanation text based on the fictional robot with the purpose to inform others.

Thanks to the literacy team at Cheam Common Junior Academy for creating these resources.