Chapter 3: 3,2,1...Launch

After lots of planning the moment is finally here! The Ohbot receives a countdown and then it is launched. It ponders on thoughts and emotions as it gradually rises higher and higher above St Mary's, North London.

Watch the onboard 'HD Go Pro' video footage from the flight in entirety or speeded up.

Lessons inspired by the video

In this set of four lessons we will explore the launch video and look closely at the behaviours of the Ohbot and ask 'How has the Ohbot been programmed to react in this manner?'

Students will explore the links home personal assistants - exploring whether a Picoh can be programmed to be a personal assistant.

If you don’t have a Picoh robot you can use the Picoh simulation to see how your program would make Picoh move and speak.

Thanks to Nick Hughes from the Strictly Education 3BM team, Wormholt Park Primary and Britannia Village Primary for creating these resources in partnership.

Based alongside the coding and computing lessons of the Picoh robot, students are to attempt to code a set of instructions for the robot to action. For example, answer an array of questions, communicate between one device to another or be able to communicate short facts from a command.

Whilst coding, children should be making notes on the process in order to put together an instructional guide to support those wishing to use the robot.

I wonder if generally it would be best to assume that they don’t have a Picoh and children are going to be working with the simulation instead.

Thanks to the literacy team at Cheam Common Junior Academy for creating these resources.